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Welcome to Stock Art Group

We are back working from home again!

Thanks to the changes in Government guidance and restrictions and the collaboration of the Stock Village Hall Committee we were able to resume our weekly meetings in September. Sadly these now have to stop and so the Virtual Club is back in business again for all our members. To see details of our meetings go to Meetings Programme

We look forward to all members using the Virtual Club again and displaying the same inspiration and sense of fun as before. Our work will be displayed each week so just go to Virtual Meetings to see our paintings.

2020 Exhibition - Now open!

We are pleased to present many of the paintings intended for our cancelled 50th Anniversary Exhibition due to have been held on 28/29th March. Just follow this link to visit the Exhibition

Aims of the Group

We want to encourage local artists and we have created a friendly group with varying levels of experience, from beginners to those of us who have been painting for several years.

There is no regular tuition but we have a suggested subject for every meeting to give us a theme for painting. We also have regular members' days and the occasional professional artist to give demonstrations or workshops, bringing new techniques and skills to our members.

Every year the Group stages an exhibition and sells its work to the public, showcasing about 150 paintings across a range of media and other craft activity.

We meet on Tuesdays during term time, at the village hall in Stock, from 2.00 to 4.00 o'clock.

History of Stock Art Group

The Stock Art Group has a rich history of creative activity. It was founded back in 1970, so this year celebrates 50 years of artistic endeavour.

The Group was started to encourage local amateur artists to continue developing their talent in a congenial atmosphere. Initially they met at the rectory hall but we moved to the village hall when it was newly built. Originally all the members had to live in the village but we now welcome artists from the surrounding areas as well.

Laid up for the winter by Laura

Laura's boat at rest

A Virtual Club

The Coronavirus quite properly caused us to close our weekly meetings until further notice and to cancel our Annual Exhibition. However, this did not mean that we should give up our regular weekly painting. We decided therefore to run a virtual club for the forseeable future and posted our Exhibition online.

We had eleven weeks of painting up to our summer break and the results can be seen by clicking on the Virtual Meetings tab above or going direct to: Gallery.

We were able to restart our live meetings in September but but these have now had to end and so the Virtual Club is reinstated.

A message from the Chairman

The meetings we had in the Village Hall were attended by a few very welcome members, and we held our last one on Tuesday 3rd November.

As mentioned we are now back to virtual meetings, but we hope that you won't stop painting. Do please send photos of your work each week to Michael so he can put them up for everyone to enjoy. I hope the suggested subjects will inspire you.

We are plannig to start again in the Village Hall in the New Year, and the first meeting is booked for January 12th 2021.

Meanwhile stay safe, and let's trust the New Year will bring good news.


The Garden

and a garden by Russell