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Our Foreign Trips on 5th May

 Di - La maison francaisShirlee abroad

Di dreams of France and La maison francais whilst Shirlee's dream is simply on the beach abroad

Liz relaxing viewVicki in Sicily

Whilst Liz S is still working on her fireign scene she produced this warm view but Vicki was in Sicily

Russell's car abroadLiz W was in Dubai

Riussell's racing car finally emerges on a track abroad whilst Liz W was sketching in Dubai

Kumud's screen in Hong KongMichael P in Spain

Kumud brought this Screen from Hong Kong whilst Michael P admired this Spanish doorway

Laura's German Alpine view

and Laura was dreaming of the German Alps

Kumud's racing carKumud's water lilies

Kumud has now sent in her paintings from earlier weeks

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You can view the next week's virtual meeting by clicking on the link below:

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