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The Rocky Road on 12th May

 Di - Rocky RoadKumud Roacy Road

Di was right down on the road whilst Kumud turned hers into a race track

Liz W's first rocky road relaxing viewLiz W's second rocky road

Liz W came up with two rocky roads

Shirlee's original rocky roadLiz S foreign view

Shirlee's original rocky road and Liz S has now completed her lovely foreign view

Phyllis' rocky roadRussell's Racing Car

Phyllis gives her view of a rocky road and Russel's racing car now comes fully into view

Vicki's Rocky

.....whilst Vicki took Rocky out on the road

---and now for some sketches after the BBC4 life drawing class

Laura's Sketch no. 1Michael's sketch

The first of Laura's sketches and Michael ran out of time for the reflection

Laura's No.2 sketchRussell's sketch

Laura's second sketch and Russell's line drawing



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