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Meeting January 12th

Our first Virtual Meeting of the year records yet another Frosty Day

Laura's Frosty Day Laura's Snow Scene

Laura gives us an example of the effects of a Frosty Day and a Snow Scene painted in just three primary colours

Liz S Frosty DayLiz S Frosty Day 2

Liz S also shows us frosted leaves and a Frosty Day scene

Liz W Frosty Day Liz W's Santa

Liz W's couple enjoying a walk on a frosty day and her Santa was delayed by Covid19 travel restrictions

Di's bluetitShirlee's snow fairy

Di's bluetit on a frosty branch and Shirlee's sketch of a snow fairy

Phyllis's Frosty DayVicki's Granddaughter

Phyllis's Frosty Day and Vicki's welcome to a new grand daughter named Harpa

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You can view the next week's virtual meeting by clicking on the link below:

Next week's Meeting