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Meeting January 26th

Our Virtual Meeting this week brings you our Winter Tree Scapes

 Shirlee's winter scape Liz W's winter sacpe

Liz W's winter tree scape and Shirlee adds her own touch to the winter tree scene

Liz S's winter scape Chris's winter scape

Liz S and Chris give us their Winter Tree scenes

Di's winter scapeVicki's winter scape

Vicki remembers winter visits to the Geoffrey Museum of Homes in Shorditch and Di designed her Husband's Birthday Card

Laura's lakeside winter  Laura's wintry slopes

Laura takes us to a wintry lake and then to the snowy slopes

phyllis's winter scapemichael

Phyllis and Michael present their winter scenes

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You can view the next week's virtual meeting by clicking on the link below:

Next week's Meeting