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Meeting March 16th

............and at this Virtual Meeting we were asked to paint Birds

 Liz S's Birds Di's Birds

Liz S brings her blue tits and Di shows a Spotted Woodpecker

Phyllis's Birds Laura's Birds

Phyllis shows us a family of swans and Laura shows her birds also over the water

 Chris's BirdsChris's Birds_2

Chris presents two very different birds but both feeding

Liz W's birdsLiz W's Birds

Liz W shows two sets of birds - a flock online and a pair chatting

Michael's Birds Shirlee's Birds

Michael shows an all male group performing Swan Lake by a Loch near Edinburgh and Shirlee brings birds ready to sunbathe

Vicki's Kola

Whilst Vicki continues with her commissioned paintings, with Kola, who sets off for Ireland once framed

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You can view the next week's virtual meeting by clicking on the link below:

Next week's Meeting